Early last night, I went over to Slim’s to check out the homie Duece Eclipse perform with his band Bang Data ( http://www.myspace.com/bangdata ) They opened up the show and from the gate got it crackin’. I hadn’t seen Duece get down in years so his progression was dope to see.

Next to take the stage was the sistah i exchanged nods with backstage, who i noticed had a fly aura about her, but little did i know the extent of that flyness. She took the stage rockin’ some dark shades that with her Dragonball Zesque mohawk and cute face, made her look….well straight out of a Dragonball Z (I’m fan so that’s a good thing). She sat down at her keys and began to play and sing a modern soul tune that sounded familiar, but i couldn’t place it. After the first verse, something i hadn’t seen any woman do happened…she began beatboxing and singing, very good mind you, and playing at the same time. Shit was dope, but i really hadn’t seen anything yet. She did a couple joints on the keys and then got up and grabbed a guitar…singing, playing, beatboxing. Next she introduced her homie as a “slam poet champion and master mc”. He began rapping and he was cool, he did what he was supposed to with the crowd, but i would’ve much rather heard his poetry (esp. considering the book he was deep off into reading backstage). She on the other hand, was killing it on the beatbox. After dude’s lil cameo, she proceeded to for the next 10 or so minutes, to have me, Duece and everybody else in the audience in awe. Her beatboxing was flawless. Tones, timing, rhythms, effects, singing, everything. Never heard anyone that good.

She’s from Davis, Ca which is close enough to The Bay to wonder if she’s done things down here before. If not, damn…..The Bay is snoozin’. For more info, check her here: http://www.myspace.com/butterscotchmusic

Below are from around 2007 when she was on America’s Got Talent and another performance i found:

Last night’s performance was even better than this one: