Download: PitchBlackGold – Make It So

Verse 1:

The style is great

compiled in the mind of a student of fate

Illuminate the path as the words take shape

Arrows pointed at my dome this way to escape

Time to fly again     Shine divine again   3 solid lines   I Ching with the pen

3 broken lines bring balance to the session

The receptive take your weapons battle 3 broken minds

That hear no evil      see no evil     speak no evil

Freak the speech bring heat to the people

Unique be the people        regal be the motion

We the clouds    the raindrops    the whole damn ocean

Pacific Indian Atlantic and such

Surf my thought waves      Gigantic plus

Like Adam magnified    Inscribed on the walls of Kemet

My Chemistry forces me to defend it

Soul over matter   When the spirit and flesh blended

With purpose off the surface researchin’ ascension

My wings sing flames in the name that glow

They tryna live forever while i died 3 days ago

I be the weather in your room after blazin’ dro

F5 high in your bunker wit amazin’ smoke

Amazing grace take shape and it’s lacin’ folks

Pockets broke   spring broke    bitter taste of hope


Ooh Oh!  Here it go!  Hit the streets!  Make it so!

We got a whole lotta words to shout!  Pull ’em by the tie, throw the muthafucka!      x2

Verse 2:

Throw in the rope

Never throw in the towel

This land quicksand commands intense scams

Progam suspense trans-

Mission set conditions of fear with a price tag

Cheers for the right path

Walk the walk and talk the talk

Rise and shine    People revive the clear thought

Critical minds reverse pitiful times

Expose suit and ties lies and they habitual crimes

Habitual designs in the rhyme to divine the best possible outcome

Though that we outgunned

Never be outdone    History outrun

Don’t wanna repeat

Mysteries spout from    The tongues of group soul

Sprung through loopholes

Lighthouse shine on the cliffs of pure gold

Lift the adrift from the hold of hypnotists

Return to flight status with wings of a realist