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LoneGunMan by Kamau Bakari Abayomi (PitchBlackGold)

So after performing poetry for the last 10 years, in numerous cities in this country and others, i have finally released a book. I should have long ago dropped something but, i just never could just sit down and transfer to a computer what was written in notebooks or what was in my head. Well one thing about being broke, it’ll kick your ass into getting shit done. So i knocked this out and thanx to the homie Eesuu, i found a great site to host it.

The book is a series of poems of varying length. The title poem is the final poem i committed to heart before i moved to Bali in 2004. It is a poem that aptly expresses where i was before my departure. This poem became a personal prayer and affirmation that i would recite to myself in times where i was dealing with inner conflict. It became a reminder of who i am and what i do, in the face of much that was attempting to convince me to be who i’m not. The photos in the book were taken by the homie Jack Wyllie .

I would very much appreciate your support with this project. It is a project connected to the greater project of raising the spiritual awareness of communities through raising the spiritual awareness of individuals. I hope that you are able to gain as much from the poems in this book, as i have gained from writing them. Thank you.

Peace & Love,

Kamau Bakari Abayomi (PitchBlackGold)

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