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Lemme say first and foremost that the Arizona immigration law sb1070 is complete bullshit. Another law constructed and passed through the White population’s ‘fear of a brown planet’.  For further commentary on it you can check all over the web because it’s the hot topic of the moment. What I’m gonna do here is hit this from another angle that may or may not be of interest to you.

All locations have a specific innate energy vibration on a physical, emotional and spiritual/metaphysical level and they have energy that has been projected on them by the collective consciousness of people. When we think of New York, certain thoughts and feelings are evoked. On a personal level, this may vary greatly depending on many factors, but the sum total of all these personal thoughts and feelings become the collective perception of  New York City. If the collective consciousness of America sees New York City as the financial capital of the US and the world and if the shock & awe of  9/11 gets embedded in that collective consciousness,  as it did, then fear, negativity, vulnerability, etc. reverberate through the financial  state of being of the entire American consciousness.  That’s New York, but what thoughts and feelings come up when we think of Arizona?……….Desert?…..Heat?…..Last to recognize MLK holiday?….Not much other than that comes to mind for me, but the one thing that has always stood out was the name of its capital, Phoenix.  What thoughts and feelings emerge when we say that name? Lets talk about the Phoenix for a sec…

The Phoenix is an ancient mythological immortal fire bird. It’s immortality is preserved in cycles of approximately 500 years and at the end of each cycle it consumes itself in its own fire, becoming ash, only to resurrect from those very ashes an resume it’s eternal flight with a new shining brilliance. A popular tattoo all over the world, people most often identify with the Phoenix’s ability to rise form the ashes, symbolic of overcoming hardship to be a better person. Okay. That’s an individual thing, but what about the collective?

What if the city of Phoenix, Arizona’s capital, is the American collective consciousness’ representation of the fire bird spirit?  What if this immigration law is the next phase of America’s self consuming fire(approximately 500 years from the first settlements in America mind you) jumping off? The reverberation has already begun as, other states are considering similar legislation . How far they get is to be seen, but the flames of white fear, police state progression and brown indignation are most definitely alive and as the law begins being enforced, it can only get uglier since it has zero root in anything but fear, bigotry and control.

The almost-human species known as the career politician, has kept the populace in a constant reactionary/defensive position as they fuel the flames with every act they sign into law. They (I’m generalizing of course) have an inability to address and solve problems that respect people on a human level,  so they have no qualms about violating constitutional rights. Since the  entire psychopathic administration prior to this one has gotten off completely free of any investigation, let alone prosecution for crimes committed abroad as well as domestic, the door for draconian laws has been blown off its hinges and let us be clear, psychopaths have long infiltrated government and police agencies……and banks and multinational and domestic corporations. Their ways of operation have filtered through the system and into society, so many once empathizing, compassionate beings have become pathological in order to rise, or just survive, within that system.

When we think of psychopaths, we tend to think of serial killers, rapists and other habitual violent offenders , but according to researcher Andrew Lobaczewski, out of 5000 psychotic, neurotic and healthy patients,  384 (7.7%) were identified who caused serious harm (physical and/or emotional) to others. Should make you think. For more info on Lobaczewski’s research check out www.ponerology.com

For those who do not know the traits that define a psychopath, here is leading psychologist in the field, Robert Hare’s checklist:

  • Glibness/superficial charm
  • Grandiose sense of self-worth
  • Pathological lying
  • Cunning/manipulative
  • Lack of remorse or guilt
  • Shallow affect
  • Callous/lack of empathy
  • Failure to accept responsibility for own actions

This shit reads like a requirement for any high political, banking, corporate or law enforcement position considering the headlines of today. We should all be knowledgeable of these traits. Next time you listen to an elected official speak and observe his/her actions, especially on issues concerning people rights, keep the above checklist in mind. You can also see these traits exhibited on a common people level as well, in restaurants, offices or DMV buildings. Should make you think. Observe.

Now back to the fire birdy. The phoenix is consuming itself now, but there are psychopaths whom do not wish to see the phoenix rise again from the ashes. So what actions must be taken to ensure that it does?

….stay woke for Part 2.

In the meantime, how about some P.E.