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If imitation is the highest form of flattery
Then embodiment is the highest for of worship
When I was little
My knees would whisper that to me before I went to bed
But I was more concerned with my soul being taken if I died
But now I know I’m the soul controller
I can pray in a studio booth and meditate in dancehalls
While they must call on a dead man’s name
and the game continues
The food on spirit’s menu is organic and astral
But most have forgotten the astral and say organic is too expensive
So their thoughts never stray from the safe-way
And what they produce is genetically altered to not have seeds so
There is no growth in thinking the safe-way
Forever dependent on what status quo say
So the game continues….
The more out the game I get
The more truth I step into
My body in the venue
Maat is throwing the party
And the chakras are spinning
Look into my eyes and see them dancing
Remember the rhythm
The rhythm you heard before you had ears
Remember the movements
The movements you made before you had legs
Remember the place
The place where thought and action carry the same definition
And “age” is non-existent
The place where you set the conditions
Where you CHOSE your mission
CHOSE your region
CHOSE your parents
CHOSE your gender
CHOSE your sexuality
CHOSE to forget that you made these choices
I told them I hear voices in my head and they called me a lunatic
A voice for each phase of the moon
That makes sense!
I am a LUNAtic!
My favorite voice speaks during full moons
Her audible silence is sultry and seduces my spirit
to rise above the tides of my temple
I am Ausar
Auset is my lover
She rides me well
I’m coming to a greater understanding of self
A greater understanding of experience
A greater understanding of freedom
Beyond bones and flesh
I no longer believe
Have faith
I stare down at my face
I KNOW I’ll exist after physical death
I’ll stand before pearly gates as they open
A booming voice from within says
“Welcome my child”
I’ll smile and respectfully decline
My spirit has touched beyond heaven
There’s a more grand design
The voice booms
“Hell is the only other choice for yourself!”
As I float up…up and away
I’ll say
“Heaven and hell only exist
for those who can’t perceive anything else”
Other spirits outside the gates will rise and follow me out of curiosity
And curiosity can never kill a cat who knows he cannot die
Just as conformity cannot sit with one who sees a lie
Spirits inside the gates will begin to follow me out of boredom
And we’ll rise up
And rise up
And all of this is a future déjà vu
That moment begins with this one
A moment of rising up
But not rising up against anything but ones own consciousness
Blind to urgency of a paradigm shift
A shift to the consciousness that recognizes
That we don’t have to get free
We only have to BE free
The greatest trick ever pulled
Was the convincing us that some else holds the key
As a woman knoweth so we’ll be
As a child showeth so we’ll see
Infinite possibilities to explore
Infinite possibilities to explore

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