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After all of the public out cry & protests over the last couple weeks, the millions of dollars in lost revenue to Arizona and future losses to major events and businesses pulling out of Arizona,  the wicked witch of the west still doesn’t get it.  Last night, Gov Jan Brewer signed the bill, HB 2281 into law. This law bans ethic studies classes throughout Arizona, with the exception of Native American studies, which if not for federal law protecting it, would be out on its ass also. This bill is the brainless child of Arizona School Superintendent Tom Horne who has been pushing for this for a year now.  Horne called ethnic studies “harmful and dysfunctional” and had tried for nearly two years to persuade Tucson voters to bounce the local school board members who supported ethnic studies. His strategy failed and so this is his solution to the problem of brownie and blackie ethnic knowledge and empowerment.

Not surprising at all that he would find success in the Phoenix capital. Small minded, racist, scapegoating, stereotyping, generalizing, egocentric, white supremacists gravitate towards each other. It’s one thing if they do it in their barns in the backwoods, but it’s an entire new ball game when they are allowed to hold positions of power, especially public office and law enforcement. All those disgusting traits take on a psychopathic nature. (Read Part 1 of this article for more on psychopaths)

Needless to say, these individuals would not like to have a population of Brown and Black people united and energized with the same luminous brillance as  The Phoenix. In fact, they really don’t want anyone unified and energized other than their own, small minded, racist, scapegoating, stereotyping, generalizing, egocentric, fear-mongering, white supremacists-who-aren’t-racist-because-they-have-a-Black friend……or not, colleagues and families. But all they have done is just that, unite Black and Brown and Asian and Whites-with-sense and charge up the Phoenix bird spirit within the nation. As they stroke their pens to burn the rights of individuals to be secure in their own persons and have proper cultural education, non-Latino folks are remembering the words of Dr. King, “An injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Will Arizona politicians fold to the pressure or will they stand firm on their racists fears? The signing of HR 2281 last night, is a heavy lean towards the latter…

…….but i have hope that The Phoenix will rise.