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I like the way this turned out. Please view and if you do, please click the “like button” ( even if you don’t like it, you can also click it just to show support). That small little button is funny. It has A LOT of influence on taking an artist to another level in terms of booking shows and paying rent. If wack thug-drug-hip-pop artist makes bad song and dumb video, but has 100,000 views and 1000 “likes”, wack thug-drug-hip-pop artist will get booked for shows and eat good. If dope talented-soulful-honest-socially-aware artist makes good song and cool video, but only 300 views and 11 “likes”, dope talented-soulful-honest-socially-aware artist must sometimes borrow money to pay rent because he had to pay for a tooth extraction or something, and artists are not insured. When recording artists are doing their promo thing and are in communication to book performances, the promoters and event organizers always do Youtube searches. They look at the number of views and the “likes” and can greatly influence their decision to book an artist or not.

I’m doing my part to bring awareness to the state of our world and it’s direction and how to recognize and own our true power.  To hopefully inspire and offer a person the opportunity to shift their perception and grow into greater states of awareness of what’s happening around us, and who we choose to be in relation to it. It’s a difficult path on it’s own, triply difficult to do it through the lane of rap music in 2012.

I create music to be of benefit to people and I would love to dedicate 100% of my time to creating music with that purpose. To do this on a grand level, I need your assistance….WE need your assistance. I’m not asking you to buy anything. I’m only asking you to support by viewing, clicking that little “like” button, and sharing with your friends. By doing this you are assisting in balancing out the bullshit music that feeds our descent into corporate sanctioned madness. You are also supporting the progress of music that cares about the future of the planet life and the life that resides on it.

This has been a public service announcement provided to you by your PitchBlackGold.  Thank you. Peace

Free Download PitchBlackGold – No More Lies

PitchBlackGold – No More Lies (LYRICS)

Verse 1:

Lets get
Liberation from the hands of the masons
The plans that we facin’
Will make the earth into a planet plantation
I stand in amazement
Will humanity wake up?
Get its shit together before the land starts to shake up
Earthquake what?
Brake up
Politicians corrupt
Trying to cling to a system that was bound to self destruct
Many holla “revolution” but who down to back it up?
The government officials call it a bluff
Now what we gon’ do?
They on you and me
Claiming “All Eye See”
Turning citizens to cattle under Homeland Security
I hear the tails rattled with the sounds of impurity
Now echoes of an Adolf can be heard in this century

Chorus x2:

No more lies from pulpits
We See through your bullshit.

Verse 2:

Will history repeat itself?
Health deleted by missles?
Or will the whole planet blow the whistle?
Cuz the people united will never be defeated
The people united will never be defeated
The people united will never be defeated
It sounds good to say but will we ever achieve it?
The point of no return is no here
Best believe it
Who’s plottin’ on the right course of action when they weeded?
Indeed it takes the holistic moves to be completed
The truest revolution has the soul deeply seeded
And we need it in ever sequence
Frequently come anew
Be it and see the reaches
Far from plain view
We came through the gates with the traits to create schools
Anybody try to stop us we must break them lame dudes
The same dudes making new rules to enslave crews
And use network news to spread their fascist views

Chorus x2

Verse 3:

Pitch Black
He refuse to accept it
Never walk the blocks all confused and dejected
See the propaganda fuel the fear
Bring the ruckus
Strings on the dummy
The big puppet
Oppression since day one
Ain’t it time we said “fuck it”
Stop giving ’em our taxes
Look how they use our duckets
The bald eagle is hungry
It’s feathers better pluck it
If it soars full speed
Ain’t no future for the seeds
The prophecies of chiefs
Steady muted by thieves
Open up your ears
And these words just take heed
Plus observation
Equals intuitive movements
Know exactly what you doing
Exactly what you saying
Who you praying to in toil?
This is spiritual warfare
It’s much much bigger than oil
It’s much bigger than oil
It’s much much bigger than oil

Chorus x2