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A Sense of Urgency is a project that represents the feeling that has been steadily increasing in me over the last couple of years. A feeling that we must pick up the pace as we move toward the goals that we seek to accomplish on every level. It is prime time for our personal and collective evolution and there are forces at work

whom do not want that to happen. These forces are doing all possible to create the exact opposite in fact. These are 5 songs address the global politricks at play and the necessity of tapping in to our higher knowledge to make it through these times.You can download this project for free or if you are feeling giving you can purchase at whatever price you wish. I would hope you choose the latter, as funds goes to support upcoming projects in which I will be using my name Ka Mau. Peace and Thank you. http://pitchblackgold.bandcamp.com/album/a-sense-of-urgency-ep


Ka Mau