True Creative Activity

  • Developing  Tru Karya Cipta (True Creative Activity) has been my sole (soul) focus for the last couple of months. This is a project that will be of great benefit to many people, specifically young developing artists in Indonesia. Please take a moment to read what this project is about, explore the TKC blog and if you are able, buy TKC lunch with a $10 donation to help reach its goals. Thank you.
  1. ALL YOUTH should be provided with an opportunity to explore the full range of their artistic potential
  2. ALL ARTISTS have the potential to change individuals, communities and the world for the better
  3. ALL YOUTH should be aware of the issues affecting them and their communities, and be active in creating solutions
  4. ALL ARTISTS should have social entrepreneurial knowledge, to sustain themselves through their art and contribute to their community
  • Tru Karya Cipta (True Creative Activity) is a Bali, Indonesia based organization and an international extension of Leadership Excellence of Oakland, California USA. We are dedicated to personal and community empowerment through creative arts and entrepreneurial education of youth, built on a foundation of urban culture. Through the mediums of visual art, music production, singing, rapping, poetry, song writing, djing, mcing, dance (hiphop/breaking/locking/popping/house/traditional Indonesian fusion) and performance, children, teens and young adults develop their artistic talents and strengthen their ability to focus, think creatively and discipline their mind, body and spirit. This learning and development takes place with the guidance of experienced international and local professional artists whom possess knowledge and experience working in arts activism. Through this exchange, youth become informed about the issues affecting them and their communities and how they can address these issues through the artistic projects. Youth engage in the process self discovery and spirit evolution through a sharing of knowledge and experience that expands their possibilities and potential. With a stronger sense of self and new found confidence, they are better able to contribute to their own well being, the well being of their family, the Bali community and the global society

True Creative Activity Blog


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